Robotic Systems Integrator


MFG AUTOMATION has been an ABB Authorized Value Provider for over 15 years. We exclusively offer their products and services in all of our systems. Selecting the right robot for an application is the most important first step in any systems design.

Industries We Serve


  • Aerospace
  • General Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Plastics
  • Consumer

Applications We Love


  • Laser Cutting, Drilling, Welding
  • Material Handling
  • Part tending
  • High Speed Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Stacking / De-Stacking / Sorting
  • Inspection / Vision
  • Dispensing
  • Welding
  • Grinding / Deburr
  • Cleaning
  • Part Painting
  • QC
  • Part Tracking
  • Vision Guidance
  • Retail Services


MFG AUTOMATION offers a complete range of product services

Full Service - Single source for all your product needs

With over 40 years of automation controls experience we offer support for a full range of process control equipment and industrial automation integration services. Having the option of using robotic technology greatly simplifies a cells configuration and hardware content. 


Today the robot may represent only 25% of our typical control package. Our strength is in supplying complete turn key systems that incorporate other innovations of synergistic hardware and software products needed to meet process requirements.

Plus we integrate process systems such as vision inspection, indexing systems, servo positioning, packaging, conveying, material handling, welding, weight systems, sorting systems, plus many other conventional process technologies.

Project Services

  • System design
  • New Build
  • Retrofit Integration
  • Panel assembly & test
  • Part handling
  • Safety
  • Drive Integration
  • PC Control
  • Control programming
  • Industrial networking
  • HMI / SCADA development
  • Part tracking
  • Vision control & inspection
  • Installation / Rigging
  • Test / Debug
  • As Built Documentation

Custom Designs and Installations by MFG

Smart EOAT


Custom designed multi function end-of-arm tools. . Programmed to change force and size parameters real time from pick-to-pick

Multi Function EOAT


Vision guided multi function end-of-arm-tools capable picking multiple loads including CHEP pallets

Positioner Conversion


ABB's 2 axis positioner modified by MFG to a 3 axis system with a rotary planetary hub driving 6 rotary fixtures synchronized for simultaneous rotational positioning.

Interactive Workstations


Custom designed consumer point of delivery work stations. Standalone user interface for item storage and retrieval. 

Smart Tending


Large scale machine tending end-of-arm-tool with a vision tracking part sort system. A mix of 5 different products can be tracked and sorted simultaneously

Auto Turban Vane Cleaning


MFG has developed a patent pending turban vane cleaning process. By using an ABB robot with an automatic tool change system we interchange both laser drill and diamond grinding cone to remove plasma spray.  The life of the diamond bits are extended by 300% and the process time is significantly reduced.

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Multi Robot Part Processing

Parts are conveyed directly from injection molding machines to the cell for processing. The system is capable of processing a mix of five different products simultaneously.


Multi Robot Furnace Tending

In order to meet process time cycles one robot tends the furnace while the 2nd robot takes the product from the 1st to complete the process.


Gantry Systems

Laser Part Scanning

This two axis gantry in combination with a six axis inverted robot is being staged for initial testing and configuration. The system will manipulate a laser scanner head around large parts to create 3D models that will then be used for QC and part validation. 

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Gantry systems and track systems are often used to move a robot through large work areas. This allows a single machine to perform more work due to the extended reach.

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Small Part Assembly

Stage & Test

Here we have staged two robots and seven bowl feeders, each is uniquely designed for a specific part. The robots have custom end-of-arm-tools for handling multiple parts. Both robots are synchronized to assemble and test a seven part assembly.  The final part is checked for compliance and functionality prior to packaging.

Smart Sort & Multi Robot Systems



We offer a multitude of palletizing options across a wide range of industries. End-of-arm-tooling for product handling is designed and assembled by MFG to specific payload requirements. In some cases we utilize track systems to maximize throughput and flexibility. When feasible we try to design open floor plans without sacrificing safety.



Open Cell dispensing with articulated safety lasers. Overhead track providing floor access. At the time of this installation it was the first to offer a safe work envelop with the robot.



Complete systems with formers, inserters, sealers, conveying, QC, printing, wrapping



Stand alone welding pods 1" steel construction powder coated.

Precision Fixtures


Precision part fixturing for part manipulation synchronized with the robot

Vision Guided Picking


Dynamic part recognition, locating, and vision guided pick.

Rotary Tables


Custom rotary tables support part processing

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