Robotic Integrator

MFG AUTOMATION Offers a Full Range of Integration Services

With over 25 years of automation controls experience we offer support for a full range of process control equipment and industrial automation integration services. Having the option of using robotic technology greatly simplifies a cells configuration and hardware content. (See Top 10 Reasons for Using Robots).

In general, the robot may represent only 30% to 50% of the total control package. Our strength is in supplying complete turn key systems that incorporate other forms of synergistic hardware and software with the robotic technology. In addition to our robotic integration services, we will implement other complementary systems such as vision inspection, indexing systems, servo positioning, packaging, conveying, material handling, welding, plus many other conventional process technologies.

Vision Technology

Vision technology is a required component of many systems. Typical applications include; Part size, orientation, shape, color, location, size, and quality. MFG AUTOMATION can select the technology that best meets your requirements.


Laser Drilling, Welding, & Cutting

New Fiber lasers are “Greener” than conventional lasers and non-laser tools. Plus versatile, more powerful, and highly accurate in a varity of materials.

Laser Drill 2

Part Fabrication

We a partnered with a well established 50 man local machine shop. We have complete control of the manufacturing process when parts need to be machined.

Our objective is to design around commonly available parts. However when parts have to be made we have local resources.

Track Motion


Track motion greatly extends the robot’s working area, enabling one robot to service many machines. MFG AUTOMATION has installed overhead systems in excess of 100 feet. Conventional floor mount systems are also available


Precision Welding

MFG AUTOMATION specializes in precision welding application utilizing both plasma and tig welders.


Automated Assembly Cells

The material handling equipment for this automated cell was custom designed and fabricated to satisfy customer requirements.

Nested Cell

Force Control Grinding

This precision grinding application utilizes ABB’s Force Control technology to control the forces placed upon the surface by a diamond high speed bit.

Grinding Small

A 0.022 diameter hole shown at 250X magnification. Laser bores through a ceramic surface layer and stops at the metal base layer, without damaging the base metal.

Laser Hole

Drilling, Riveting, Cutting

Many aerospace applications require various forms of drilling, riveting, cutting, and deburring. Depending upon the need we can automate the process with a high degree of precision and speed



Dispensing systems can be found in an unlimited number of configurations and applications. We can provide far reaching systems as well as ultra small part sealing and gluing systems.


TrueView Robotic Vision

TrueView industrial vision guided robotic (VGR) systems see and react to changes within the industrial work environment. TrueView enables ABB robots to precisely locate the grip points of a disoriented object within a 3D space.


EOAT - Multifunction

Custom multifunction End-of-Arm-Tooling can be designed and fabricated to meet specific application requirements.


Custom Grinding Fixtures

When necessary we can design custom grinding fixtures to meet operational requirements.

Robot Foundry

Let us augment your existing systems.  We can supplement your resources in areas of greatest need.

  • Specification development
  • Documentation and CAD development
  • Management for new installs, or retrofits
  • Trouble shooting
  • New machine design
  • Control upgrades
  • Automation consultant

With over 25 years of automation controls experience, we offer all of the traditional system automation integration services;

  • System design
  • Retrofit Integration
  • Panel assembly & test
  • Part handling
  • Conveyors
  • Drive Integration
  • PC Control
  • Control programming
  • Industrial networking
  • HMI / SCADA development
  • Part tracking
  • Vision control & inspection
HMI 300x450 JPG

MFG AUTOMATION integrates both system controls and the operator interface into one centralized package.  The HMI is designed to user operational needs.

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