MFG AUTOMATION - Core Engineering Disciplines

Every robotic cell design requires the following key core engineering disciplines;

  • Mechanical Design & Build
    • End of Arm Tooling
    • Complimentary Machine Components
    • Part Handling
  • 3D Modeling
    • Cell Design
    • Tooling Design
    • System Validation
  • Software Control Development
    • Cell Control
  • Software User Interface Development
    • HMI

Mechanical - Design & Build

Our goal is always to utilize readily available proven products with our designs. Many automation solutions require some amount of customization. When necessary MFG AUTOMATION can design and build the needed mechanical devices.


Modeling of Our Designs

Cell designs are modeled and reviewed in detail prior to material purchases. This process allows us to provide our customers with a clear picture of the final design strategy. As a result systems are designed with fewer mistakes and a greater degree of success upon delivery.

RS Dev Image1

Software Control Development

MFG AUTOMATION will take responsibility for all cell control logic development necessary to interface with the robots and other cell devices. We utilize a proven PC-based development and runtime system providing all 5 IEC 1131 languages (Ladder Diagram, Structured Text, Instruction List, Function Block Diagram and Sequential Function Charts), web publishing of logic, and connectivity to a wide choice of PLC and open I/O devices.

Ladder Dev

Software User Interface Development

MFG AUTOMATION will take responsibility for all operational interfaces for the cell. We essentially have a clean slate to customize operational interfaces that best fits the customers requirements. HMI software is specifically designed to address the needs of machine-level operator interface and HMI requirements. Our designs also include a wide range of PLC/device drivers and OPC client/server support and provides remote connectivity and thin client support for diagnostic and data monitoring. 


Engineering Resources to Final Product

Our robotic cells come in all forms, shapes and sizes. When needed we have the engineering resources to design & develop custom assemblies, tooling, control software, and integration interfaces to common support devices. We also take responsibility for the final manufacturing process.

Machining Center
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